Password Manager

HioKey emphasizes sophisticated security protocols ensuring absolute device safety for keeping your password across online environments including Chrome and Edge.

  • Shares passwords across all of your devices by storing all login credentials in the secure physical device.
  • Automaticlly fills in login-form for you on Chrome and Edge.
  • Cleverly prompts you to save the new password you are using for first-time on either sign-in or sign-up forms.
  • Flexibility to go to work on all well-known browsers
  • User presence-based, i.e. receiving and delivering username and password will proceed just by pressing the button on HioKey.
  • PIN protected, passwords never leave your device unless completing the pin verification.
  • Implementing a powerful structure allowing you to keep all the passwords you have on either physical or digital environments.
  • You can login simply by a click or double-tap on the HioKey.
  • Manage all passwords you have on HioKey manually through a cheerful interface.
  • Backup & recover your device/passwords.
  • Generate strong & complex password simply by long click.


Started by a small team but with a great dream

We are a team of engineers and designers motivated by making life more convenient and secure. In today’s increasingly interconnected world where everything is locked with passwords most people are struggling with remembering passwords. Our mission was to let users get rid of remembering passwords anymore and our challenge was to do this mission securely by enriching user experience on getting access to all accounts. Contemporary technology and industrial design inspired us to design a smart product which is easy to use, allowing users to carry their passwords everywhere across all platforms.